How to Create More Self-Esteem

Start Feeling Great About Yourself

Creating more self esteem is adding and deleting; eliminating the parts of yourself you have been rejecting and consciously accentuating the parts you like. Whether you have lots of things you don’t like about yourself or have only a few issues you keep battling, you can benefit from moving yourself through these different steps.

Identify What
You Are Rejecting
Create Safety with
Self Acceptance
Promote Self Esteem with Praise
I am bad or wrong. I’m neither bad nor wrong. I am good.
Feels terrible. Feels okay. Feels great.
What’s Wrong with You?

Motivate Yourself to Change

Why Self Acceptance is Necessary

Change your Judgmental Attitude

Change your Perspective on Time

Change your Beliefs

What does High Self Esteem Look Like?

Increase your Praise Volume


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Acceptance allows change. The 'acceptance mode' includes everything, even my judgments. It allows me to be okay now, even before I reach my goals.

- Mandy Evans

All great changes are preceded by chaos.

- Deepak Chopra