Change Your Beliefs About Yourself

Tool #3:
Get To The Root of the Problem

beliefs about yourselfThere are many psychological therapies out there that only deal with the symptoms of dis-ease. Most of them are like treating stage-3 cancer with a band-aid. It’s not surprising that people struggle with certain issues for decades. They never dug deep enough to reach the true source of the problem - their beliefs.

We’ve discussed tips on improving your self-esteem: stop using self-rejection as motivation, creating a safe atmosphere of self acceptance through relaxing your judgmental attitude, and altering your perspective of time. These are all very useful tips, but they won’t change some of your more deep-seated, negative beliefs you might have about yourself. To get to the root, we’re going to need to dig.

Understanding and changing your beliefs is the most powerful tool on the entire self creation website. It’s so potent that I’ve dedicated an entire section to it. Please visit the Belief section of this site to learn how you can start turning your life around in the most profound ways possible.

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Love me or hate me, i swear it won't make or break me.

― Lil Wayne

I'm not a wannabe. I'm who I wannabe.

― Hawk Nelson