Belief Systems

Understanding & Changing Your Beliefs


This is perhaps one of the most important pages on the Self Creation site. If you act on the information on this page, I guarantee your life will never be the same. A bold statement, but true.

Beliefs are any ideas you think are true about yourself, others, and life. Unfortunately, most of us aren't aware of our beliefs, many of which we acquired as children. Yet they're the single most significant factor that effects our wellbeing.

Some beliefs are counter-productive to what you say you want. Wouldn't it be nice to identify those beliefs? Examine them for validity? There are so many self-defeating beliefs but here are just a few I've identified in myself and others. Do you believe any of the following?

Self Defeating Beliefs

  • If I'm happy now, I won't be motivated to change anything.
  • I can't change. This is just the way I am.
  • My feelings are natural reactions, not something I can control.
  • If I control my feelings, I'll be a robot.
  • I have to have [love, sex, or money] in order to be happy.
  • If I don't feel guilty, I’ll continue to do "bad" things.
  • You have to do some things you don't want to do in this life.
  • No pain, no gain.
  • If I was happy all the time, I’d be a blithering idiot.
  • People who are optimistic aren't realistic.
  • You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
  • If happiness was my priority, I'd be inconsiderate of others.
  • It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Changing Your Beliefs

So far this site has mainly engaged you at the reading level. Changing the beliefs that are causing you pain is where the rubber really hits the road. If you are serious about wanting to turn your life around, you're going to have to go beyond simply reading. I'm telling you this because I've been where you are. If you're reading this, you're searching for answers. I didn't experience any concrete changes in my life until I questioned what I believed.

I have used two methods to examine my beliefs; the Option Dialogue and The Work of Byron Katie.

The Option Institute

Founder Barry Neil Kaufman offers personal growth retreats and The Option Process® Dialogue. Schedule an Option Process® Dialogue for yourself.

The Work of Byron Katie

I've been doing The Work of Byron Katie almost every day since August, 2015. You can read about the basics of doing the work and the transcribed sessions of me doing The Work.


The minute I understood that my feelings about my life were based on my beliefs and not on the events was the moment I learned I had a choice and that unhappiness was not inevitable.

- Allison Sharp

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

- Marcus Aurelius