What is the Purpose of Your Life?

life purposeSince my 20’s I have wondered why I was put on this earth. Why are any of us here?

It seems insane to go through life without that information. Imagine a group of us being blindfolded and dumped at a campsite with no instructions on what to do or why we’re there. We might have some fun goofing off for a bit but after a day or two, we’d become restless (and hungry) with no sense of direction.

If we are spirit who has taken human form (which I think we are), why would we choose to be put into a physical body? Some say it’s to learn, grow and evolve. But I wonder – if we were once “pure loving spirit” where everything makes sense, why become human? Why not just stay in spirit form? We’re going back there someday anyway.

Today I had a new thought. We are not meant to know why. It’s deliberate. The purpose of my existence here seems too important to not be mentioned to me. My ignorance must be “on purpose”.

Fine, don’t tell me! I’ll make up my own damn purpose.

My purpose is…

  • To be supremely present and self-aware. (All the time? Yep, all the time.) To observe my crazy mind, calm it down, and give it some direction.
  • To stop judging myself and others. To first notice when I’m thinking badly about someone (no easy task), then let it go and accept what is. To recognize that I can never know people’s motivations or the full back-story of their life.
  • To undo my parental, social and cultural conditioning and start over with fresh perspectives that make more sense to me and encourage harmonious relationships.
  • To recognize when I’m playing a role. To pause, drop the mask and be myself regardless of how others respond.
  • To love first before I am honest.

Holy crap, those are some tough assignments! Not to worry, I’m up to the task. It may take me multiple lifetimes, but I can do it.

What is your life purpose?