My Experience Doing The Work. He Lied To Me.

This is one of the very first sessions I did on Sheldon’s drinking. In addition to my answers, I also show where my mind generally goes with the questions. Those observations are in orange. I think my husband has a drinking … Continue reading

She Never Shuts Up!

I hate it when people just talk and talk and never ask me anything about myself. I’m okay with it for a little while, but eventually I get sick of just listening. To be fair, they should give me equal … Continue reading

Money is More Important to Her than Me

I thought about our conversation yesterday, where we left it, trying to find someone you don’t trust or believe in my childhood, and it’s definitely my mom. I went back to age 14. My mom was a practicing Catholic, meaning … Continue reading

His Reasons for Drinking Don’t Make Any Sense

I think my husband is an alcoholic but he disagrees. We had a really great conversation last night about our relationship and what we want. Of course the subject of his drinking came up, because I always bring it up. He told … Continue reading

She Doesn’t Respect How Much I Know

I filled out a JYN on a friend of mine. She had sent me a text telling me what she thought I should do. I didn’t want her advice. I didn’t NEED her advice. I felt she didn’t respect me. … Continue reading

Doing The Work – The Basics

This is a brief overview of how you do The Work of Byron Katie. For a more complete explanation, please visit You may also find it useful to take a look at a complete list of tools to do … Continue reading

Are You Judgmental? Good. Tips on Filling in a JYN

Here’s some handy dandy tips for filling in your Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet (JYN). Judge Someone Else, Not Yourself If you’re anything like me, most of your negative judgments are about yourself. If asked “who causes the most problems in … Continue reading